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Analysis of Causes of Damage to Butterfly Valve Seat

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The seat of the butterfly valve, also known as the sealing ring, is a component related to the sealing performance of the butterfly valve, and it is also a place that is seriously corroded and eroded by the medium in the pipeline. Damage to the seat of the butterfly valve will cause the leakage of the butterfly valve, and if the leakage is serious, it will even cause a major safety hazard and affect our work.

Butterfly Valve Seat
Butterfly Valve Seat

What are the reasons for the damage to the butterfly valve seat?

  1. Butterfly valve seat processing quality problem, the processing process is not rigorous enough, resulting in cracks, pores, and uneven hardness on the sealing ring.
  2. Caused by wrong butterfly valve selection or incorrect operation. Failure to correctly select the butterfly valve model according to the actual working conditions, resulting in the butterfly valve being inconsistent with the working conditions, and the valve seat sealing ring being damaged.
  3. The installation of the butterfly valve is random or the maintenance is not good, resulting in damage to the valve seat. Before the butterfly valve is installed, the inside of the valve body and the pipeline are not cleaned, resulting in impurities in the pipeline that damage the seat of the butterfly valve. Then there is the failure to maintain the butterfly valve in time, which keeps the valve in an unhealthy state and prematurely damages the valve seat sealing ring.
  4. Chemical corrosion of the medium, the medium around the sealing ring of the valve seat directly acts chemically with the valve seat and corrodes the valve seat under the condition that no current is generated.
  5. The erosion of the medium in the pipeline, the seat sealing ring of the butterfly valve is located inside the pipeline, the erosion of the valve seat is continuous, these media have suspended particles, and some are corrosive. Over time, the valve seat is in this way Under the erosion of the medium, the sealing surface will be damaged.
  6. Mechanical damage, every time the butterfly plate is opened and closed, it will rub against the valve seat, and the damage to the sealing surface will become larger and larger with the passage of time.
  7. Electrochemical corrosion, the contact between the sealing surfaces, the contact between the sealing ring and the closing body and the valve body, and the concentration difference of the medium, the oxygen concentration difference, etc., will cause a potential difference, electrochemical corrosion, and cause the valve seat on the anode side to be sealed The ring is corroded.
  8. Fatigue damage, the valve seat has its own service life, especially the valve seat of the soft sealing butterfly valve, the service life is limited, in the long-term use, it is easy to age, the sealing surface has cracks and delamination, resulting in the change of sealing performance. Difference.

Although the butterfly valve seat is damaged naturally or artificially improperly used, it is very important to choose a gButterfly valve seat is damaged naturally or artificially. It is very important to choose a good butterfly valve manufacturer. VALTECCN has many years of butterfly valve production experience, strict requirements on butterfly valve seat quality, long service life, and professional after-sales team at any time. at your service.

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