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How to distinguish hard seal butterfly valve and soft seal butterfly valve

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Performance difference:

Hard sealing butterfly valve: The two sides of the sealing pair are made of metal materials or other hard materials, which are called “hard seals”. This kind of seal has poor sealing performance, but has high temperature resistance, wear resistance, good mechanical properties and long service life.

Soft sealing butterfly valve: One side of the sealing pair is made of metal material, and the other side is of elastic non-metallic material, which is called “soft seal”. The sealing performance of this kind of seal is good, but it is not resistant to high temperature, easy to wear, has poor mechanical properties, and has a short service life.

hard seal butterfly valve and soft seal butterfly valve

Structural difference:

  1. Structural differences: soft-seal butterfly valves are mostly centerline type, and hard-seal butterfly valves are mostly single-eccentric, double-eccentric, and triple-eccentric butterfly valves;
  2. Temperature resistance: soft seal is used in normal temperature environment, hard seal can be used in low temperature, normal temperature, high temperature and other environments;
  3. Pressure: soft seal is used for low pressure-normal pressure, and hard seal can also be used in medium and high pressure conditions;
  4. Sealing performance: Soft seal and triple eccentric hard sealing butterfly valve have better sealing performance, and the triple eccentric butterfly valve can maintain a good seal under high pressure and high temperature environment.

In view of the above characteristics:
soft sealing butterfly valve is suitable for two-way opening and closing and adjustment of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, water treatment, light industry, petroleum, chemical industry and other industries.
Hard-sealed butterfly valves are mostly used in heating, gas, gas, oil, acid and alkali environments.

Understanding the difference between hard-sealed butterfly valves and soft-sealed butterfly valves can help users choose the most suitable product and give full play to the product’s greatest advantages. In general, whether it is a hard-sealed butterfly valve or a soft-sealed butterfly valve, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to depend on the needs of users, so it is very necessary to master the difference between the two.

VALTECCN Butterfly valve manufacturer, manufactures and sells soft and hard sealing butterfly valves, please feel free to inquire.

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