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CE Certified Swing Check Valve

40 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

We recently produced a batch of swing check valves for a new construction project in the Philippines.

CE Certified Swing Check Valve
  • Application: Swing Check valve
  • Media: Water, oil, gas
  • Standard: ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS
  • Process: Sand casting, machining, painting
  • Surface: Painting, powder coating
  • Dimension: DN50~DN400
  • Working Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25
  • Body material: Cast Iron, Ductile Iron
  • Certification: CE

Swing check valve is mainly composed of body, disc, seat, disc, pin and other parts.

The disc rotates around a pin placed outside the seat. The back of the valve flap is fixed on one end of the rocker rod by connecting the screw and nut, and the other end of the rocker rod is hinged on the bracket of the inner cavity wall of the valve body. The medium pressure at the inlet end drives the disc to rotate open, and the medium pressure at the outlet end and the weight of the disc make the disc close.

The swing check valve can be installed on either a horizontal pipe or a vertical pipe, and when installed on a vertical pipe, the medium flow direction should flow from the bottom up.

For more technical information, feel free to contact us – VALTECCN VALVE.

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