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Swing Check Valve With Lever & Weight Exported to Europe

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We exported a batch of swing check valve with lever & counter weight and were successfully accepted for European customers in June.
These valves are tested many pressure test before delivery, ensure the products are in good condition.
The heavy type body use 250μm thickness epoxy coating for prevent corrode and rust.
The customer was very happy after receiving the valve. And the check valve has been installed and used.

Swing Check Valve With Lever & Weight Exported to Europe
  • Pressure rating: 10bar
  • Media: water
  • End connection: Double Flange type
  • Size range: 50-20in
  • Temperature: -20~120 deg C
  • Application: Water supply
  • Flange connection: PN16/PN10/150LB

VALTECCN is a professional check valve supplier and manufacturer with many years of export experience and quality products. VALTECCN’s check valves have good sealing performance, durability and reliability, and can meet the needs of different industries and applications. VALTECCN’s check valves have been widely recognized and praised in the European market, and have become the preferred partner of many customers. VALTECCN will continue to devote itself to providing high-quality check valves and excellent services to create a better future with customers.

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