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Swing check valve working principle and animation video

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Swing check valve is a type of one-way valve that is commonly used in piping systems to prevent backflow and ensure proper flow of fluids. The working principle of this valve is fairly simple: the disc swings on a hinge or shaft to open and close the flow path.

Swing check valve

During forward flow, the force of the fluid against the disc opens the valve and allows the fluid to pass through. As the flow stops or reverses, the disc swings back to its closed position, creating a tight seal against the valve seat and preventing backflow.

One of the key advantages of swing check valves is their ability to work automatically without the need for human intervention. As the fluid flows through the valve, the disc will swing open and close based on the pressure of the fluid, ensuring that the flow is always going in the right direction.

Swing check valves can be used in a wide range of applications, from simple home piping systems to complex industrial settings. VALTECCN check valve manufacturer and supplier that provides industrial check valves in various configurations and materials, satisfied with backflow prevention needs.

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