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 A batch of Triple Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve Sale to Europe

48 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN valve has many cooperative customers in Europe. Recently, one of our European customers placed an order for a project: purchasing triple eccentric butterfly valves for local water pipelines. This customer has had many successful cooperation experiences before. I am very satisfied with the product quality of the eccentric butterfly valve, and I am very happy to choose VALTECCN to continue cooperation.

After communicating with European customers, the requirements of the medium temperature, pressure and material of the triple eccentric flange butterfly valve were determined, and better material improvement suggestions were also provided to the customer, and the two parties reached a satisfactory result.

Triple Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve supplier
Triple Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve

We quickly received the customer’s order after confirm the price and drawings.

The current shipment material we supplying as below:

ProductTriple Eccentric Flange Butterfly Valve
SeatASTMA 182F6
Sealing FaceSS304+Graphite
ConnectionFlanged DIN2501
Face to FaceDIN3202 F16
OperatedGear Box
Size and QTYDN150 10SETS
DN200 10SETS
DN300 15SETS

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