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Demand for ductile iron wafer butterfly valves in the European market continues to grow

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VALTECCN ductile iron wafer butterfly valve has been favored by European customers many times in succession, such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, etc., due to its excellent quality and multi-standard versatility.

This butterfly valve is famous for its wide application and good sales performance in the local market. This time, our customer once again purchased a large quantity, totaling six boxes, to meet their inventory needs.

Our factory’s ductile iron wafer butterfly valve has the following characteristics:

Demand for ductile iron wafer butterfly valves in the European market continues to grow
  • Pressure level: 16bar, able to withstand a certain working pressure, suitable for a variety of water conservancy projects.
  • Medium: water, specially designed for water systems to ensure efficient and safe fluid transmission.
  • Connection method: clip-on type, easy to install and maintain, and adapts to a variety of flange standards.
  • Size range: 2 inches to 48 inches, covering a wide range of pipe diameters to meet different engineering needs.
  • Temperature range: -10 to 110 degrees Celsius, adaptable to changing working environments.
  • Application areas: water conservancy engineering, providing reliable fluid control solutions for various water treatment and delivery systems.
  • Flange connection: PN10/PN16/150LB/JIS10K, compatible with international mainstream flange standards, enhancing the market competitiveness of the product.
  • End-to-end standard: API609, in line with the certification standards of the international butterfly valve industry, ensuring product quality and performance.

The export of ductile iron wafer butterfly valves to Europe not only consolidates the long-term cooperative relationship between VALTECCN VALVE and its customers, but also further proves the competitiveness and popularity of our products in the international market. We look forward to continuing to expand our market share in the future and provide more high-quality butterfly valve products for water conservancy projects around the world.

ductile iron wafer butterfly valves
ductile iron wafer butterfly valves

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