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1000PCS U Type Butterfly Valves are Sale to Europe

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VALTECCN butterfly valve supplier just sale 1000pcs U type butterfly valves to Europe, the details as follows:

U Type Butterfly Valves
BodyDuctile iron

Customers from the Netherlands, is a valve trader, mainly selling all kinds of butterfly valves, this year is the fifth year of cooperation between the two sides.

U Type Butterfly Valves supplier
U Type Butterfly Valves

Customers are positioned as medium and high-end products and have high requirements for the quality of valves. Customers have high recognition for our butterfly valves. Every year,they will purchase at least five 40 foot butterfly valves from us.
I still remember that our cooperation began with a small butterfly valve sample. Unconsciously, this is the fifth year of our cooperation.

The customer said that VALTECCN butterfly valve meets their market demand and will cooperate with us for a long time.

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