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Can the check valve be installed vertically?

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There are many types of check valves, some are suitable for vertical installation, some are suitable for horizontal installation, and some can be installed vertically and horizontally. It depends on the application and type of check valve.

VALTECCN VALVE Let me illustrate with two commonly used wafer check valves: Swing check valve and lift check valve are two commonly used wafer check valve products, and the installation methods of these two check valves are also different.

Wafer lift check valve

Wafer lift check valves cannot be installed vertically, and are only allowed to be installed on horizontal pipelines. At present, the lift check valve is widely used in industrial pipelines as a device to prevent the reverse flow of the medium.

Wafer lift check valve
Spring Wafer Lift Check Valve

Wafer swing check valve

The wafer swing check valve is different from the lifting type, it can be installed on the horizontal pipeline or vertically. Only swing check valves can be installed on vertical pipelines, and the flow direction can only be bottom-up at this time. When the standpipe flows from top to bottom, there is no need to install a wafer check valve on the standpipe. For the check of logistics, when designing the pipeline, it will be considered to be installed elsewhere in the connected pipeline, and the wafer check valve is only installed on the horizontal pipeline or the pipeline with upward flow. At present, swing check valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, electric power and other pipelines.

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