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What Does the Valve Arrow Mean on the Butterfly Valve Body?

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When installing industrial valves, sometimes it is found that there is an arrow mark on the valve body, but some valve bodies have no direction arrow? Why is there an arrow mark on the valve body, and what does the direction arrow on the valve body mean? This blog post briefly introduces it.

Butterfly valve - with arrow

The direction of that arrow on the valve body indicates the best pressure-bearing direction of the valve, and some installation engineering companies just take this arrow direction as the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline, and install the valve accordingly. Incorrectly installed valves can cause leaks and even lead to pipeline accidents.

Butterfly valve installation direction

The pressure-bearing direction refers to the closed state of the valve after it is applied to the pipeline working condition, and the direction of the arrow on the valve body is the direction of the recommended pressure acceptance, if the wrong device is installed, the valve may not be closed tightly and the leakage fault phenomenon occurs. Soft seal butterfly valves are generally sealed in both directions and are generally not marked with arrows, so there are no arrows on the valve body to indicate the best pressure direction. Although metal sealed hard seal butterfly valves can also achieve two-way sealing effect, but there must be a direction more conducive to pressure-bearing, of course, before we mark arrows on the valve body, if not necessary, we can ask the customer’s requirements.

Two-way seal butterfly valve, flange worm gear butterfly valve
Butterfly valves with bi-directional sealing structure

For metal hard seal butterfly valves in different locations of the pipeline, the direction of the arrow on the valve body is different from the direction of flow of the medium. For example, if the butterfly valve is installed at the outlet end of the pump in the pump room, the direction of the arrow on the valve body is opposite to the flow direction of the medium. If the butterfly valve is installed at the inlet end of the pump, the direction of the arrow on the valve body is the same as the flow direction of the medium, depending on the actual working conditions and the orientation of the device again.

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