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High Temperature Triple Eccentric Pneumatic Butterfly Valve(DN400) Export to UK

3 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

Valteccn delivered to UK customer in April — high temperature triple eccentric pneumatic butterfly valve.

Valves are used in steam lines,maximum operating temperature is 550 ℃, so we choose triple eccentric butterfly valve with heat sink design.This will not cause damage to the pneumatic actuator because the valve temperature is too high.

BodySS 304
DiscSS 304
SeatSS 304
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve – DN400 specification
high temperature triple eccentric pneumatic butterfly valve
high temperature triple eccentric pneumatic butterfly valve

Valteccn valves have pressure seal test and appearance inspection before delivery.
And shoot videos and photos for clients.

Our customer tested the valve after receiving it and was very satisfied with our product.
Our packing is very strong, so there is no knock on the valve after transportation.
The appearance is still perfect.
Because it was operated by pneumatic actuators, customer had online communication with us when they encountered problems in the process of use.
Valteccn valve technical staff provided a very good technical explanation and support.

Valteccn have been cooperating with UK customer since 2018 and have maintained a good relationship between customers and suppliers.

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