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Large Diameter Gate Valve(DN1200) Export to Hong Kong

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The soft seal gate valve is mainly composed of valve body, rubber lined elastic gate plate, valve stem, and valve cover seals. Soft seal gate valve surface, as well as the flow channel side valve wall are plastic spray electrostatic powder. Not only has the appearance of the beautiful, more important flow channel and the smooth inner valve wall, to ensure that the rubber lining gate will not be affected by the rough inner valve wall when opening and closing.

Our gate valves have pressure seal test and appearance inspection before delivery. And we also have the 3.1 Certificate Report. And shoot videos and photos for clients.

Large Diameter Gate Valve
Large Diameter Gate Valve
BodyDuctile iron With Coating Fusion Bonded Epoxy(min.250um)
DiscDuctile iron+EPDM
ShaftSS 316
Stem NutBronze
Large Diameter Gate Valve – DN1200 specification

Customer tested the gate valve after receiving it and was very satisfied with our product.

Our packing is very strong, so there is no knock on the valve after transportation. The appearance is still perfect. Because it was operated by Gear Operated, customer had online communication with us ([email protected]) when they encountered problems in the process of use.

Our technical staff provided a very good technical explanation and support.

Valteccn valve have been cooperating with HK customer since 2018 and have maintained a good relationship between customers and suppliers.

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