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PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve: Anti-Corrosion and Wear-Resistant, Excellent Performance

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If you are looking for a valve suitable for various highly corrosive media, then you must not miss VALTECCN’s PTFE lined butterfly valve.

PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve

This valve uses advanced fluorine-lining technology, covering both the valve body and the valve plate with a layer of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material, making it extremely resistant to acid and alkali, high temperature, wear and tear. aging characteristics. No matter how harsh your working conditions are, VALTECCN’s PTFE-lined butterfly valves can provide you with reliable sealing and flow control.

Advantages of PTFE lined butterfly valve

PTFE is a fluoroplastic with unparalleled chemical stability. In addition to molten alkali metals, elemental fluorine and aromatic hydrocarbons, it is almost not corroded by any chemical substances and can be used in corrosive media such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, aqua regia, various organic acids, strong oxidants, etc. long-term use. PTFE also has good anti-fouling and anti-stick properties, small and similar dynamic and static friction coefficient values, and good friction reduction and lubrication properties. As the sealing pair of valve opening and closing parts, PTFE can effectively reduce the friction between sealing surfaces, reduce the operating torque of the valve, and increase the service life of the product.

VALTECCN’s PTFE lined butterfly valve is covered with a layer of PTFE material with a thickness of 3-5mm on the surface of the valve body. The valve plate also uses composite materials such as PTFE+WCB, PTFE+304, PTFE+316, etc., so that the entire channel of the valve has Excellent anti-corrosion properties. At the same time, the valve also adopts a four-pole sealing structure and is equipped with a temperature-resistant and anti-aging elastic PTFE gasket on the sealing surface to completely achieve zero leakage of the medium. The valve body is made of ductile iron, which has good mechanical strength and impact resistance. The connection method of the valve is wafer type or flange type, which is suitable for different pipeline installation methods. The nominal diameter of the valve is DN50-900mm, the nominal pressure is 1.0MPa, 1.6MPa, the applicable temperature is -30~+180℃, and the applicable media are water, liquid, gas, oil, acid-base corrosive media, etc.

Because PTFE lined butterfly valve has excellent anti-corrosion and wear resistance, it is widely used in the transportation and control of various highly corrosive media in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, environmental protection and other industries.

Selection and purchase of PTFE lined butterfly valve

If you want to buy PTFE lined butterfly valve, then you must choose a professional, reliable and reputable supplier. VALTECCN is a company specializing in valve manufacturing and sales. It has many years of industry experience and technical strength. Its product quality and service level have been recognized and praised by customers. VALTECCN’s PTFE lined butterfly valve products have the following advantages:

  • The product quality is excellent, in line with national standards and industry standards, and has passed many certifications such as ISO9001, CE, API, etc., and the quality is guaranteed.
  • The products are reasonably priced and cost-effective, providing customers with the most competitive quotations and helping customers save costs.
  • The product range is complete and the specifications are diverse. The production can be customized according to the needs of customers to meet their different working conditions.
  • Products are delivered on time, with sufficient inventory and can be shipped quickly, saving customers time.
  • The product has complete after-sales service, providing one-year warranty and lifetime maintenance to solve customers’ worries.

If you are interested in PTFE lined butterfly valve products, you are welcome to contact us at any time, we will provide you with the most professional consultation and the most satisfactory service. VALTECCN, your trustworthy supplier of PTFE lined butterfly valves!

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