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DN750(30 Inch) PTFE(Teflon) Lined Butterfly Valve Wholesale to Turkey

180 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

The customer comes from Turkey and is a dealer of valves and pipe fittings. In the first cooperation, the customer purchased a 20 foot concentric butterfly valve and gate valve. This cooperation. Turkey customer purchased 10 30” PTFE lined flange butterfly valves.

DN750(30 Inch) WCB body PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve Image

DN750(30 Inch) WCB body PTFE Lined Butterfly Valve
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DN750(30 Inch) Butterfly valve WCB body
WCB body, Visit: Butterfly valve bdoy products

Here are the details of 30’’ PTFE lined butterfly valves:

End connectionDouble flange connection
BodyWCB (Carbon Steel)
OperatedWorm gear
Design standardASME B 16.47, API609
PressureANSI 150#
Temp-10℃ to 150℃
ApplicationWater, Oil, Gas

Turkish customers have very strict quality requirements for butterfly valves. They visited VALTECCN Tianjin butterfly valve factory and were very satisfied with the valve production capacity and scale of VALTECCN. I believe that more and more Turkish customers will purchase VALTECCN PTFE lined butterfly valve.

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