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PFA Lined Butterfly Valve Advantages and Manufacturers

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Butterfly valve is a commonly used industrial valve, which can be used to control the flow and pressure of fluid. The main features of the butterfly valve are simple structure, small size, light weight, convenient operation, simple maintenance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. However, under some special working conditions, ordinary butterfly valves may encounter problems such as fluid leakage, poor sealing, and deformation of the valve plate, which will affect the performance and life of the valve.

In order to solve these problems, VALTECCN recommends the use of PFA lined butterfly valves, which add a layer of PFA (perfluoroalkanoic acid) material lining to ordinary butterfly valves, so that the valves have better high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, and strength resistance. Acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance and other characteristics, suitable for various harsh working conditions and environments. The advantages of PFA lined butterfly valves are as follows:

  • PFA is a high-performance fluoroplastic with excellent chemical stability and thermal stability, and can be used for a long time in a high temperature range without aging, cracking, discoloration, etc.
  • PFA has an extremely low friction coefficient and surface tension, so that the fluid will not cause adhesion and fouling when it flows inside the valve, and maintain the purity and smoothness of the fluid.
  • PFA has extremely high electrical insulation and antistatic properties, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of static sparks and corona discharges, and ensure the safe operation of the valve.
  • PFA has extremely strong mechanical strength and toughness, and can withstand large pressure without deformation and cracking.
  • PFA has excellent self-lubricating properties, which can reduce friction and wear when the valve is switched on and off, and prolong the service life of the valve.

VALTECCN is a professional supplier and manufacturer of butterfly valves, with many years of production experience and technical strength, it can customize various specifications and models of PFA-lined butterfly valves according to customer needs. VALTECCN also provides the following high-quality services:

  • Provide free technical consultation and program design to help customers choose a suitable PFA-lined butterfly valve.
  • Provide fast and accurate quotation and delivery time to ensure the interests and satisfaction of customers.
  • Provide professional and considerate installation guidance and after-sales service to solve any problems customers encounter during use.

If you want to know more about PFA lined butterfly valve or VALTECCN company information, please visit our website or contact us. We look forward to working with you!

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