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Ductile Iron PTFE Coated Butterfly Valve Hand Lever Export to Italy

58 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

Italian valve distributor Purchase ductile iron PTFE lined butterfly valves from VALTECCN Again for irrigation equipment business. They have 3 stores, which are positioned as medium and high-end products. Irrigation equipment cannot be separated from valves. Therefore, when the customer sells irrigation equipment, he will also stock a large number of valve products to support his own equipment.

The number of PTFE lined butterfly valves ordered by the customer this time is 1020pcs. He said that it is expected that the valve market will be completely opened next year, and the annual purchase quantity will at least double.

DN150(6 Inch) Ductile Iron PTFE Coated Butterfly Valve
DN100(4 Inch) Ductile Iron PTFE Coated Butterfly Valve
DN50(2 Inch) Ductile Iron PTFE Coated Butterfly Valve

This is the fifth year that the Italian customer has cooperated with VALTECCN.The customer’s annual purchase volume of concentric butterfly valves is about 6000pcs. The customer said that the appearance design of the concentric butterfly valve of VALTECCN valve is very novel and the sealing performance is very high. It is very popular in the local market of Italy, and the user’s feedback is very good.

Here are the details of PTFE lined butterfly valves purchased by the customer :

  • Universal type to PN10/PN16/ANSI150/JIS10K
  • Wafer connection
  • Lever operated
  • Body: Ductile iron
  • Disc: Ductile iron + PTFE
  • Seat: PTFE
  • Stem: SS420
  • Design standard: ASME B 16.47 API609
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Media: Water
  • Temp: -10 to +150
  • Application: Irrigation

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