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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Meaning, Supplier and Manufacturer

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Double eccentric butterfly valve is popularly known as a high performance butterfly valve. This design is suitable for high temperature and pressure applications for on-off or throttling services.

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve Meaning

The double eccentric butterfly valve has 2 offsets. This offset is the displacement of the shaft from the centreline.

The first offset is the displacement of the shaft from the centreline of the disc seat and body seal. This maintains continuous sealing surface during the opening and closing of the valve.

The second offset is the displacement from the centreline of the pipe/bore. This is to allow the disc and seal right to easily lift off and away from the body seat.

The result is a cam like motion to lift the seat from the seal during operation.

Friction between the disc and seal occurs during the first 10° of opening and final 10° of closing. This results in a lot less friction, meaning the seats can last longer.

Where are double eccentric butterfly valves used?

Double eccentric butterfly valves are most often used in water supply applications below ground as an alternative to gate valves. When installing butterfly valves below ground a lower bury depth is required and typically, they are more cost-effective, especially in the large dimensions, compared to gate valves. They can of course also be used above ground.

China double eccentric butterfly valves supplier and manufacturer

VALTECCN offer double eccentric butterfly valves in 6″~176″ (DN150~DN4400 mm) designed with durability in focus. The tilted and firmly secured disc, the optimised seal design and the corrosion protected shaft end zones are all features that exceed the market standards.

Double Offset Double Flanged Butterfly Valve
Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

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