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Double eccentric butterfly valve-VALTECCN high quality valve characteristics and technical parameters

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Welcome to learn about our latest batch of high-quality double eccentric butterfly valves. After fully understanding the customer’s working conditions, we selected a double eccentric butterfly valve for the customer to ensure efficient operation in the application.

After the valve is manufactured, we conduct multiple inspections such as butterfly valve shell and seal pressure testing, appearance, size, logo, nameplate content, etc. to ensure the normal operation of the product. The customer fully recognized the company’s manufacturing capabilities and product quality and expressed its expectation of continued cooperation.

Double eccentric butterfly valve
Double eccentric butterfly valves
  • Nominal diameter DN 150 up to DN 1600
  • Nominal pressure PN 10, PN 16, PN 25 ,
  • Resilient seated according EN 593
  • Face-to-face dimension according EN 558, 14 (F4)
  • Flange connection according EN 1092-2
  • Clap disc with closed bearing-eyes
  • Bearing of the clap disc and at the body sealed with 0-Ring-cages
  • Shaft drive with Polygon
  • Connection of Polygon without additional security elements
  • ISO-connection for drive
  • Robust, maintenence-free slider crank mechanism
  • Seat of the body: high quality welded or enamelled
  • High quality of coating systems
  • Modular drive system

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