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WRAS Lugged Butterfly Valve, EPDM Coating sold to South Africa

84 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN valve produced a batch of lugged butterfly valves, exported to South Africa client. Our WRAS Lugged Butterfly Valve is suitable for a range of general purpose, agricultural, industrial and water process applications; water distribution, water treatment, heating and conditioning (HVAC) and media including compressed air, gas, oils and hydrocarbons.

WRAS Lugged Butterfly Valve (dn350-14inch, dn200-8inch), Ductile Iron Body
WRAS Lugged Butterfly Valve (dn350-14inch, dn200-8inch), Ductile Iron Body

Lugged butterfly vlave features

  • Body: Ductile Iron
  • Disc: Ductile Iron + EPDM Coating
  • Seat: EPDM
  • Connection: Lugged
  • Design Standard: EN 558 Series 20
  • Pressure Rating: PN16
  • Media: Drinking Water
  • Temperature :-10 ~ 110℃
  • Application: Drinking Water-Water Treatment-Wastewater & sewage systems.

Our EPDM are all certified by WRAS and can be provided with the test certificate. We recommend this valve with EPDM WRAS certification to the customer for potable water pipeline. Can ensure safety, non-toxic, no harm.

And we can also use SS304/3316 as valve disc, use WRAS EPDM as valve seat, can also be used for drinking water.

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