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Class 150# Lug Butterfly Valves are Exported to Italy

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The customer is from Italy and is a well-known valve brand in Italy.

40 Inch lug butterfly valve
40 Inch lug butterfly valve

The customer’s requirements for valve quality and the factory’s service level are very high. Therefore, the customer was very careful when selecting suppliers. Before placing an order, the customer first purchased two butterfly valve samples. After receiving the samples, the customer was very satisfied with our samples. Then they went to our factory for inspection and made a very careful assessment of our factory’s production capacity. The customer was very satisfied with our factory. For the first time cooperation, the customer directly purchased 1 * 40GP butterfly valve.

Class 150# Lug Butterfly Valve
Class 150# Lug Butterfly Valve

Here are the details of lug butterfly valves purchased by the customer :

  • Lug connection
  • Gear operation with locking device
  • SS316 bolting&nuts
  • Pressure class: Class 150#
  • Body: WCB
  • Disc: CF8, pinless
  • Seat: EPDM
  • Stem: SS304
  • Design standard: ASME B 16.47 API609
  • Pressure: 10 bar
  • Media: Water
  • Temp: -10 to +110
  • Application: Wholesale and retail

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