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Different Types of Actuators for Pneumatic Butterfly Valves

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There are many types of pneumatic actuators for pneumatic butterfly valves, among which AT,GT,AW are three common types of pneumatic actuators in the market, these pneumatic actuators have their own characteristics, users can choose different types of pneumatic actuators according to different occasions and specific conditions, VALTECCN has many years of experience in the production of pneumatic butterfly valves, introduce these three types of pneumatic actuators.

  • AT series rack and pinion pneumatic actuators are designed for use in quarter turn applications. It is a new type of pneumatic actuator product.Actuators are available single acting (spring return) pneumatic actuators and double acting pneumatic actuators models.It is suitable for a variety of non-corrosive or corrosive environments outdoors or indoors.
  • GT series pneumatic actuator is a valve pneumatic device, and the rotation angle of the output shaft of the pneumatic actuator is 90°. It can be combined with ball valve, butterfly valve and other valves to form pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic butterfly valve. The product can complete the action control of two positions of open and closed by matching with electromagnetic valve, limit switch, air filter and other accessories. Users can choose according to actual needs.It is not only low in price, but also small in size, light in weight, easy to install, and flexible in action.
  • The characteristic of AW series pneumatic actuators is that the output torque is larger. Generally, a fork-type transmission mechanism is used. The output torque can be changed with the change of the angle. When the valve is opened and closed, its torque is the largest. This point It is consistent with the law of the valve. In addition, when the fork and the fork arm are highly overlapped, this greatly saves space and meets the needs of various large rotary valves. Not only these, it also has the advantages of safety and explosion-proof, which can be widely used in some production processes with high safety requirements, such as power plants and chemical plants.

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