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Lug Butterfly Valve Body, Ductile Iron Casting

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Butterfly valve is a kind of valve widely used in industrial fields. It is favored by users for its compact structure, flexible operation, small flow resistance and excellent sealing performance. The valve body of the butterfly valve is an important part, which directly affects the working efficiency and service life of the butterfly valve. Therefore, how to choose the appropriate material and shape of the valve body is a key issue in the design and selection of butterfly valves.

VALTECCN is an enterprise specializing in the production and export of butterfly valves, and also provides various butterfly valve accessories to provide customers with a full range of services and supports. Today, we would like to recommend one of our high-quality products to you: Lug Butterfly Valve Body.

Lug Butterfly Valve Body, Ductile Iron Casting

The lug butterfly valve body is a specially designed valve body, which has protruding ears at both ends, which can be connected with flanges, which increases the strength and stability of the valve body. The material of the lug butterfly valve body is DI body, that is, ductile iron material, which has good mechanical properties and wear resistance. The surface of the DI body is treated with epoxy coated spray paint, which can improve its corrosion resistance and aesthetics.

The lug butterfly valve body is suitable for various media, such as water, oil, gas, etc., and can withstand high pressure and temperature. It is used in conjunction with butterfly plates of different materials and shapes to achieve different control functions and sealing effects. The lug butterfly valve body is easy to install, just align it with the flange and fasten with bolts. Maintenance is simple, just regular inspection and cleaning. Long life, can guarantee long-term stable work.

If you want to know more about lug butterfly valve, please visit VALTECCN website or contact our customer service staff. We will provide you with professional consultation and quotation, and customize the products you are satisfied with according to your needs. VALTECCN looks forward to cooperating with you!

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