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Butterfly Valve Gearbox Applies Solutions for Customers

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The gearbox of butterfly valve consists of gear reducer, connecting shaft and handwheel.

The conventional connecting shaft is made of iron galvanized material, but if the valve is suitable for outdoor, where it often rains, it is recommended to replace it with SS304/SS316 material.

VALTECCN have a customer’s response that the butterfly valve is installed outdoors. It often rains in the local weather, and the connecting shaft of the gear is rusty. Worried about rust in the future, it was impossible to turn the handwheel to open the valve.

Customer butterfly valve gearbox rust photo1
Customer butterfly valve gearbox rust photo
Customer butterfly valve gearbox rust photo2
Customer butterfly valve gearbox rust photo

Our customer contacted us urgently, and after understanding the situation, we recommended the SS316 connecting shaft, bolt & nut to customer.

If the valve is installed in an outdoor or humid environment, it is recommended to use the SS304/SS316 material to prevent rust, which may cause the valve to fail to open and affect the service life.

VALTECCN VALVE can give you professional solutions according to your working conditions.
According to the working conditions, choose the appropriate butterfly valve and accessories to solve the cost and avoid problems.

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