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Lug Style Butterfly Valve Exported to India

101 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

In the middle of September, one of VALTECCN customers from India purchased a batch of lug style concentric butterfly valves from our company.

The following is specific information about our lug style concentric butterfly valve:

  • Body: A216 Gr WCB
  • Disc: Al-Bronze
  • Shaft: SS316
  • Seat: EPDM
  • Packing: PTFE
  • Size: DN150
  • End Connection: Lug Style(ASME B16.5)
  • Design Standard: API609
  • Pressure Rating: PN16
  • Application: Petroleum, gas, chemical, water treatment
  • Lever Operated

Lug Style Butterfly Valve image

Lug Style Butterfly Valve
Lug Style Butterfly Valve

Lug Style Butterfly Valve Introduce

Lug style butterfly valve is suitable for regulating the flow and intercepting the medium on the water supply , chemical industry, petroleum, electric power, light textile, paper making, etc. The applicable temperature is ≤80℃.

Product features:

  1. Simple and compact structure, small and light, easy to disassemble and repair, and can be installed in any position.
  2. 90 degree rotation, opening and closing quickly.
  3. Flow characteristics tend to be straight, good adjustment performance.
  4. Select different parts material, can be applied to a variety of media.

From understanding the specific configuration of lug style butterfly valves required by customers, constantly update the quotation according to customer requirements, to draw professional CAD drawings for customers, until fully meet the various requirements of customers.

Our customers are very satisfied with our butterfly valves and services and are willing to cooperate with us for a long time.

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