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Ductile Iron U Type Butterfly Valve Wholesale Sales to Spain

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U-Type butterfly valve is VALTECCN’s best-selling midline butterfly valve. It is purchased by many customers in Spain. Recently, an old customer of VALTECCN Spanish valve purchased a batch of U-shaped butterfly valves.

Ductile Iron U Type Butterfly Valve
Ductile Iron U Type Butterfly Valve

U type butterfly valve configuration is as follows:

BodyDuctile Iron
DiscDuctile Iron/CF8/CF8M/2507
Design StandardEN 558 Series 20 
Pressure RatingPN10/PN10/150LB
-10-110℃Water Treatment-Wastewater & sewage systems

Valve body is completely covered inside with rubber preventing the fluid to be in contact with the valve body, avoiding corrosion.
Stem made of one piece, stainless steel, sealed by o-ring and not in contact with the fluid.
The sealing seat is made of one piece and is available in EPDM or NBR.
Hydrostatic test pressure for seat: PN x 1.1 , for shell: PN x 1.5 according to EN 12266-1.

U type butterfly valve structure length is the same as wafer and lug butterfly valve. When the valve end connection must be flange connection, and the structure length of the wafer or lug butterfly valve is required, the U type butterfly valve can be selected.

Visit VALTECCN valve product: U Type Butterfly Valve

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