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Ductile Iron Wafer Butterfly Valve DN500(24 Inch)

39 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN is a professional butterfly valve supplier and manufacturer, providing customers with comprehensive service and support. Today, we want to introduce you one of our high-quality products: Ductile iron wafer butterfly valve.

  • Ductile iron valve body, with good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, suitable for various industrial fluid media;
  • The double half-shaft design ensures the stability and reliability of the valve plate and reduces the torque and wear of the valve stem;
  • Worm gear drive, easy to operate, can realize remote control or automatic control;
  • Epoxy resin spray paint increases the aesthetics and durability of the valve and prevents rust and pollution;
  • Caliber DN500 (24 Inch), suitable for large flow and high pressure occasions, to meet the needs of different working conditions.

This ductile iron wafer butterfly valve is suitable for various industrial fluid media, such as water, steam, oil, gas, acid and alkali, etc., and can be used in the following fields:

  • Petrochemical industry, such as oil refinery, fertilizer factory, plastic factory, etc.;
  • Power industry, such as thermal power plants, hydropower plants, nuclear power plants, etc.;
  • Metallurgical industry, such as steel plants, aluminum plants, copper plants, etc.;
  • Construction industry, such as water supply system, heating system, fire protection system, etc.;
  • Environmental protection industry, such as sewage treatment plants, waste incineration plants, waste gas treatment plants, etc.
  • This ductile iron wafer butterfly valve can meet the needs of different working conditions and is an economical and practical valve product.

If you want to know more about the ductile iron wafer butterfly valve, please visit VALTECCN’s website or contact our customer service staff. We will provide you with professional consultation and quotation, and customize the products according to your requirements. VALTECCN look s forward to cooperating with you!

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