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High performance butterfly valves for extreme service applications

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High performance butterfly valves are essential for many industrial applications, such as throttling control. However, when considering valves for extreme applications, it is important that butterfly valves are purposely manufactured to withstand these pressures. In this blog, a look at high performance butterfly valves and which applications depend on these specially designed products.

High performance butterfly valves
High performance butterfly valves

Which applications use high performance butterfly valves

High performance butterfly valves are widely used for throttling control and typically excel in applications with constant pressure drop or slow process cycling. They improve on the valve utilization in throttling applications offered by standard butterfly valves, while providing excellent performance and more accurate flow control. In addition, they provide long-term positive bi-directional shutoff in control and on/off applications.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical and Petrochemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Water and Wastewater
  • HVAC

Because of its cost-effective and rugged design, butterfly valves are available on the market in many different models. Despite the powerful compatibility of this main butterfly valve in the throttling process, careful consideration must be given when determining which variation is best suited for more extreme applications.

High performance butterfly valves for corrosive media

While high-performance butterfly valves serve a wide range of applications, covering everything from general applications to more corrosive media, it is important to know which butterfly valves work best in certain environments.

For example, if a butterfly valve is exposed to harsh chemicals associated with chemical processing or potentially explosive environments in the oil and gas industry, it must be able to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures.

In this case, the user may choose a double eccentric butterfly valve. This variant of the high-performance valve is well suited for applications involving higher pressures and temperatures, up to 1200ºF and 1440 psig, respectively. For refinery and offshore applications where extreme conditions exist, triple eccentric butterfly valves may be preferred due to their fire safety and metal-to-metal valve flaps.

Understanding how high-performance butterfly valves work and which media are best suited for use is key to efficient throttling control in extreme applications.

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Purchase of triple eccentric butterfly valves from VALTECCN Supplies.

VALTECCN industrial butterfly valves are used in critical services for liquids and gases in many industries worldwide. Featuring triple eccentric geometry, they are capable of withstanding temperatures up to 815°C and guarantee 100% zero leakage performance even during extreme temperature changes and pressure peaks.

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