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High Performance Butterfly Valve was Exported to Vietnam

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The a batch of VALTECCN high performance butterfly valve with RPTFE seat was exported to Vietnam in July. And these valves will be put into natural gas cycle power project.

High Performance Butterfly Valve

  • Design standard: API609
  • Pressure rating: 20bar
  • Media: natural gas
  • End connection: Wafer 150lb
  • Size range: 2in to 10in
  • Temperature: -30-180 deg C
  • Application: natural gas cycle power project
  • Flange connection: EN1092, ANSI B16.5, GB/T9113
High performance butterfly valve, RPTFE seat, CF3M/CF8M body
High performance butterfly valve, RPTFE seat, CF3M/CF8M body

High performance butterfly valve advantages:

  1. Precision casting valve body. Qualified CF3M/CF8M material. Fine appearance, no sand hole.
  2. Heavy valve body.
  3. The valve disc is processed by CNC precision machine with high precision.
  4. The sealing ring of the valve body adopts RPTFE, to ensure excellent sealing performance in high temperature and low temperature environment.
  5. Shaft made of 17-4PH, through special treatment to double the strength of the shaft.
  6. Each valve will be inspected for shell and seal pressure before leaving factory.

VALTECCN VALVE, a high quality butterfly valve manufacturer in China, has just what you need. We offer high performance butterfly valves along with other industrial butterfly valves in various material body, disc, seat, and end-type connection designs. For more information, you can explore our website( or reach out to us.

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