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What is high performance type for butterfly valve?

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Some new purchasers of butterfly valves may ask what is a high-performance butterfly valve? VALTECCN has many years of experience in butterfly valve manufacturing, please explain what high-performance butterfly valve is.

High performance butterfly valve
High performance butterfly valve

A high performance butterfly valve is normally a triple or occasionally double eccentric butterfly valve, which results in a difference in performance due to design.

  1. The eccentric design is different. Ordinary butterfly valves are both single eccentric and midline butterfly valves. They are generally used in water treatment and have low temperature and pressure. They rarely activate the opening and closing functions. Therefore, only the symmetrical design of the midline is sufficient. The high-performance butterfly valve is designed with double-eccentric and triple-eccentric high-performance butterfly valves according to the difference of the axis, the butterfly plate and the cross section, to reduce friction and increase the service life and the degree of sealing.
  2. The material is different. In order to save costs, ordinary butterfly valves generally use cast iron and ordinary rubber EPDM, etc., while high-performance butterfly valves require high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosive working environments. They are made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

To summarize the reason why a high-performance butterfly valve is called high-performance:

  • Increase in service life,
  • It is used in harsh environments,
  • Improved sealing performance.

The butterfly valve that can achieve the above three points has very high requirements on the processing technology. It is not only a drawing that can be replaced, but a long technical and operational run-in. VALTECCN is an experienced factory that can make high-performance butterfly valves. Exist, contact us for a quote.

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