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High Performance ANSI 150 Butterfly Valve Export to Malaysia

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We have recently shipped a batch of high performance butterfly valve to Malaysia. This customer has been working with us since early 2019. He often buys some butterfly valves for stock. The standard they needed was ANSI 150.

BodySS 316 (CF8M)
DiscSS 316 (CF8M)
The specific material
High Performance Butterfly Valve
High Performance Butterfly Valve

Here is a detailed description of its use.

Features: High performance butterfly valve has excellent cutting performance and durability. Its small size, light weight, wide manufacturing range, easy maintenance.

Application: High-performance butterfly valves are widely used for throttling control, typically in applications with constant pressure drop or slow process circuits.  They improve the throttling application provided by standard butterfly valves while providing excellent performance and more accurate flow control.  In addition, they provide long – term forward bidirectional closing in control and switching applications.

Applicable medium: Oil and gas, Chemicals and petrochemicals, Pulp and paper, Water and wastewater etc.

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