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High performance butterfly valves

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What is a high performance butterfly valve, and the difference between ordinary butterfly valve

The traditional butterfly valve is a low-pressure centerline butterfly valve, which is characterized by the axis of the butterfly plate in the center of the flow channel and sealing belt, and the valve body is lined with rubber. This kind of butterfly valve is made by external force to squeeze the butterfly plate and rubber to achieve the necessary sealing ratio pressure to cut off the fluid.
This kind of seal is called forced seal. The disadvantage is:

  1. Seal pressure is not easy to control.
  2. High wear and short life. 3.
  3. Only applicable to low pressure.
  4. Commonly used water, gas, oil media
  5. large torque.
High performance butterfly valves images
High performance butterfly valve

High-performance butterfly valve is a new species of butterfly valve development, originated from the aerospace technology. Its technical characteristics are:

  1. The rotary center of the butterfly plate is deviated from the axis of the pipe and the sealing section, so it does not contact with the sealing seat during the switching process and there is no wear and tear, but only contacts with the sealing seat at the moment of closing.
  2. The sealing seat is a flexible sealing structure, which applies the principle of media sealing to achieve reliable sealing effect, completely changing the principle of traditional butterfly valve forced sealing.
  3. High performance butterfly valve, its characteristics:
    • Long life, the life of the environmental test in the laboratory can be up to 1 million times, the service life is geometrically higher than that of the midline butterfly valve.
    • Light torque, which can be reduced by thirty percent compared with the midline butterfly valve.
    • Application of a wide range of pressure, working pressure up to 10MPa, can be applied to a variety of media.

High performance butterfly valve vs. triple eccentric butterfly valve

Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve and High Performance Butterfly Valve
Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve and High Performance Butterfly Valve

The characteristics of high performance butterfly valves have been described above.

Advantages of three-eccentric butterfly valve.

  1. good sealing performance, improving the reliability of the system.
  2. low frictional resistance, labor-saving and flexible opening and closing.
  3. long service life, which can realize repeated opening and closing.
  4. Strong pressure and high temperature resistance, wide range of application.

The relationship between the two is that the high performance butterfly valve can be a triple eccentric structure, only that the high performance butterfly valve requires higher machining accuracy, more difficult processing and higher cost. One is the name of the structure, one is named from the performance point of view, the two are not contradictory.

It is very important to choose a good butterfly valve manufacturer and supplier:
Reliable quality, famous valve brand in China
Factory price with low cost
After-sales guarantee, support 12 months warranty
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