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DN100(4 Inch) SS Flange Type Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear PN16 Price, Suppliers & Manufacturers

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Stainless steel flanged butterfly valve is mainly made of stainless steel material, which has strong corrosion resistance and is mostly used in industrial pipelines to adjust flow and cut off fluid.

The flanged butterfly valve operates based on the quick shut off principle. The circular disc (butterfly) of the flanged butterfly valve is placed in the center of the pipe which allows a rod to go through it to an actuator, on the outer side of the flanged butterfly valve. Using the handwheel, the metal disc is rotated to keep the disc parallel or perpendicular to the flow and it allows or closes the flow. So, the operating principle of the flanged butterfly valves is fairly simple.

The flanged butterfly valve is one of the few industrial valves that are both efficient in isolating and regulating the flow of media. The flanged butterfly valve is also quick to open. The disc is attached to the stem, either through the former or the stem is at the back of the disc. The stem is attached to the handle that is either placed on top of the body or at its side.

DN100(4 Inch) SS Flange Type Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear PN16 Image

DN100(4 Inch) SS Flange Type Butterfly Valve with Worm Gear PN16 Image
Double Flanged Stainless steel butterfly valve with worm gear
Link: Stainless steel Worm Gear Operated Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

Flanged butterfly valve features

  1. Small and light, easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be installed in any position.
  2. The structure is simple and compact, the operating torque is small, and the 90° rotation can be opened quickly.
  3. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment performance is good.
  4. The connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pin-free structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point.
  5. The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts a spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the valve. It still maintains zero leakage for more than 50,000 times of opening and closing under pressure.
  6. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing is reliable and can achieve bidirectional sealing.
  7. The butterfly plate can be sprayed with coating according to user requirements, such as nylon or PTFE.
  8. The valve can be designed as flange connection and wafer connection.
  9. The drive mode can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

Applications of flanged butterfly valves

  • steam power plants.
  • mining.
  • manufacturing of pharmaceutical
  • municipal water supply and wastewater treatment.
  • manufacturing of paper and pulp.
  • refinery of petroleum products.
  • manufacturing of different chemicals.
  • HVAC systems.

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