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Difference between handle butterfly valve and worm gear butterfly valve

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Both the handle butterfly valve and the worm gear butterfly valve are valves that need to be operated manually, commonly known as manual butterfly valves, but they are still different in use.

Handle(Lever) Butterfly Valve & Worm Gear Butterfly Valve
Handle(Lever) Butterfly Valve & Worm Gear Butterfly Valve
  1. The handle rod of the handle butterfly valve directly drives the valve plate, and the switch is fast but laborious; the turbine butterfly valve drives the valve plate through the turbine, and the switch is slow but labor-saving. Therefore, the handle butterfly valve is particularly laborious when the pressure in the pipe is large.
  2. The butterfly valve commonly used in engineering is generally the turbine butterfly valve, because in addition to saving labor, its sealing is better than that of the handle butterfly valve, especially in the environment of high switching frequency, the service life is higher than that of the handle butterfly valve.
  3. The handle butterfly valve is generally smaller than DN200 with small diameter. Because the torque of small diameter is generally smaller, it can be opened and closed directly by hand. The turbine butterfly valve uses a gearbox to drive the valve stem to rotate.
  4. The selection principle is to use the gearbox drive when the valve stem torque is greater than 300N·M.

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