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Flanged Butterfly Valve Features and Applications

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Commonly used butterfly valves are wafer type butterfly valve and flange type butterfly valve.
The wafer type butterfly valve uses studs to connect the valve between the two pipeline flanges. The flange type butterfly valve has a flange on the valve, and the flanges at both ends of the valve are connected to the pipeline flange with bolts.

The sealing structure of the flange butterfly valve adopts PTFE and synthetic rubber to form a composite valve seat. The life of the butterfly valve is improved.

Flanged butterfly valve
  1. Small and light, easy to disassemble and maintain, and can be installed in any position.
  2. The structure is simple and compact, the operating torque is small, and the 90° rotation can be opened quickly.
  3. The flow characteristics tend to be straight, and the adjustment performance is good.
  4. The connection between the butterfly plate and the valve stem adopts a pin-free structure, which overcomes the possible internal leakage point.
  5. The outer circle of the butterfly plate adopts a spherical shape, which improves the sealing performance and prolongs the service life of the valve. It still maintains zero leakage for more than 50,000 times of opening and closing under pressure.
  6. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing is reliable and can achieve bidirectional sealing.
  7. The butterfly plate can be sprayed with coating according to user requirements, such as nylon or PTFE.
  8. The valve can be designed as flange connection and wafer connection.
  9. The drive mode can be manual, electric or pneumatic.

Flanged butterfly valve features:

Flanged butterfly valve is suitable for temperature ≤120℃ or ≤150℃, nominal pressure ≤1.6MPa for water supply and drainage, sewage, food, heating, gas, ship, hydropower, metallurgy, energy system and light textile industries, especially suitable for two-way sealing and Where the valve body is easy to corrode, it is used for regulating flow and intercepting medium.

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