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Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer Descriptions

Universal wafer butterfly valve is one type of concentric butterfly valve, which can meet multi-standards flanges dimensions at the same time, such as ANSI 150lb, PN10/16, JIS 5K/10K, etc at the same time. Its biggest advantage is that it can be mounted between any standard of pipe flanges freely as long as you purchase only one type of wafer butterfly valve body. So, this butterfly valve is more and more popular to our customers, because it solves the problem for our customer to change between different standards of butterfly valves.

Concentric butterfly valve with universal wafer can be mounted on the piping end as exhaust valve. VALTECCN valve manufacturers the universal wafer butterfly valve according to API 609 and MSS SP-67 with sizes of 2″~32″ (DN50~DN800 mm).

Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer Image

DN100(4 inch) Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer, DI body
DN100(4 inch) Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer

Concentric Butterfly Valve with Universal Wafer Features

  • 100% bi-directional tight shut-off.
  • Installation without restriction in direction of flow.
  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions.
  • Low pressure loss and reduced energy costs.
  • High Kv / Cv values.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect for potable water systems etc.
  • Self cleaning ( no residue will be trapped ).
  • Good resistance to corrosion.
  • Epoxy coated body, smooth surface.

VALTECCN concentric butterfly valve products have been widely used in many industries, including offshore oil, chemical, ship making, power plant, mining, water processing, drainage etc. Our foreign clients comes from southeast asia, middle east, Europe and many other parts of the world.

Welcome to contact us for detailed information and best quotes if you have any questions or inquiries.

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