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Flanged Single Ball Flexible Pipeline Rubber Joint Export to Australia

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We have recently shipped a batch of rubber joints to Australia. This customer has been working with us since early 2019. He often buys some rubber joints for stock. The standard they needed was table E. The specific material is below:
CS Flange

Flanged Single Ball Flexible Pipeline Rubber Joint
Flanged Single Ball Flexible Pipeline Rubber Joint

Here is a detailed description of its use.

Our rubber joint widely used in chemical industry, construction,water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire, electric power and other basic engineering.

Features: High internal density, With stand high pressure, Good elastic deformation effect.

Application: Connection with pumbs and valves, pipelines with large vibration, pipelines with frequent changes in heat and cold.

Applicable medium: Sea Water, Fresh Water, Hot and cold water, Drinking water, Domestic sewage, Crude oil, Fuel oil, Lubricating oil, Redined oil, Air, Gas, Steam and Granular effect.

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