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SS Butterfly Valve type Lug Export to Turkey

47 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

he valves are used in water treatment, so we recommend EPDM seat to ensure the seat wear-resisting. Also, duo to the working place is overground 3 meters, for customer convenience, we make 6 meters chain operation.

BodySS 316
DiscSS 316
ShaftSS 410
PressureClass 150
OperationChain(each side length:3 Mt.)
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve type Lug
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve type Lug
Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve type Lug

The customer need the valves urgently to replace the old equipment. So we pay close attention to the production process. We took photos and videos in each production process for customer reference and confirmation. Finally, the lug butterfly valves were finished in 20 working days. Before delivery, we also did pressure test and appearance inspection to ensure the product all meet customer standard.

Considering of the Air transport, we used custom wooden cases to save volume/weight and avoid knocking during transportation. The valve products were satisfied in quality details and appearance by our customer after receiving.

We also have an extensive line of valve specialties including gate valves, check valves, ball valves, globe valves, Y strainer and rubber joint. VALTECCN value the valve quality and customers’ request, if any valves you are interested in,Please feel free to contact with us!

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