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Small Butterfly Valve PN10/PN16, JIS 5k/10K, ANSI 150LB Suppliers and Manufacturers

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Small butterfly valve, a valve that regulates or isolates the flow of the fluid in the system. The valve is a disc that is connected to a rod. The ability of butterfly valves include start, stop or restrict the flow in the pipeline system; these allow the valve to repair, clean, or change the fluid in the circumstance that no fluid flowing through the pipeline.

The name of the small butterfly valve does not come from its physical appearance. It runs in a quarter turn, the valve must be fully opened during a 90-degree rotational movement to be fully closed. Therefore, the valve can open and close quickly. Thus, the name of the butterfly originated from the fact that discs or wings move around the central axis, just like the body of a butterfly.

VALTECCN offer the butterfly valve from sizes ranging 1 1/2” to 24” (DN40-600). The material is Ductile iron, Cast iron, WCB, SS 304 / SS 316, Duplex steel.

Small Wafer Butterfly Valve with Lever Operator , SS Body Image

Small Butterfly Valve PN10/PN16, JIS 5k/10K, ANSI 150LB

Small Butterfly Valve Features

  1. Novel and reasonable design, unique structure, light weight, quick opening and closing
  2. The operating torque of the butterfly valve is small, the operation is convenient, labor-saving and smart
  3. It can be installed in any position, easy to maintain
  4. The seals can be replaced, and the sealing performance is reliable to achieve zero leakage of bidirectional sealing
  5. The sealing material needs to have the characteristics of aging, corrosion resistance and long service life.

Small Butterfly Valve Use and Installation Process

  1. Open the valve disc 10 degrees before installation. (The same is true before disassembly)
  2. Set auxiliary screws at appropriate positions to adjust the distance between the two flange surfaces
  3. Insert the butterfly valve without touching the two flange faces and penetrate the remaining bolts at the same time
  4. After confirming that the center of the butterfly valve and the center of the flange are concentric and the valve disc switch position is not hindered by the inner diameter of the flange or adjacent parts Tighten the bolts repeatedly until the flange face touches the end face of the valve body
  5. After the installation is completed, the fully open and fully closed degrees should be reconfirmed

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