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Function and application scenarios of extended stem butterfly valve

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Extended stem butterfly valve is a commonly used control valve that controls pipeline fluids by rotating the valve disc. It has a simple structure, small size, light weight, easy installation, good sealing performance and low fluid resistance. In industrial production, extended stem butterfly valves are widely used in fluid control systems, playing an important role in regulating flow, controlling pressure, and cutting off fluid.

extended stem butterfly valve

The function of extended stem butterfly valve

The extended stem butterfly valve is a device that lengthens the valve stem. It can heighten and lengthen ordinary butterfly valves to meet the needs of installation and use scenarios. Normally, the length of the butterfly valve extension rod is proportional to the installation depth of the valve, so it can effectively solve the problem of insufficient installation depth.

Secondly, the valve extension rod can also improve the operating strength of the valve, making it easier for operators to control the butterfly valve, which is particularly useful for scenarios that require frequent operations. At the same time, the use of the valve extension rod can also ensure the normal use of the valve in harsh environments such as diving and low temperature.

butterfly valve extension

Application scenarios of extended stem butterfly valve

  1. High-position scenes: such as butterfly valves on the ceiling, valves with deep foundations, etc. need to be lengthened and modified to facilitate operation after installation.
  2. Scenarios located far away: For example, where the pipeline is relatively long, the length of the operating rod needs to be increased to operate the valve conveniently.
  3. In sewage treatment, chemical industry and other industries, due to the operation of dangerous goods, the valve extension rod needs to be appropriately modified to facilitate the safe operation of operators.

The valve extension rod has the characteristics of improving the valve operating experience, improving safety and adapting to various scenarios.
In daily industrial production, sewage treatment and other fields, VALTECCN extended stem butterfly valve has won wide recognition and praise in the global market for its advantages of simple structure, convenient installation, good sealing performance and low fluid resistance. Control systems provide effective solutions.

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