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PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Polished Disc Exported to Europe

27 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

Recently, a customer in Europe repurchased a batch of worm gear PTFE seated butterfly valves. These butterfly valves used Ra 0.8um mechanical polishing discs (using a special polishing machine and abrasives to polish the surface of the butterfly plate to Ra 0.8um roughness), the European customers received these PTFE seated butterfly valves very satisfied, affirming the correct choice for our long-term cooperation.

Worm Gear PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Polished Disc
Worm Gear PTFE Seated Butterfly Valve with Polished Disc

Butterfly valve order configuration

  • Design standard: API 609
  • Face to face design: ASME B16.10
  • Pressure rating: 16 bar
  • Flange connection: PN16
  • End connection: Wafer type
  • Size range: 2 IN to 30 IN
  • Temperature: 0-120 deg C
  • Media: water
  • Application: Water project

Advantages of VALTECCN PTFE Seat Butterfly Valve

  1. Polishing the butterfly plate can improve the surface finish of the butterfly plate, enhance the appearance and quality of the product, reduce the friction and wear of the fluid on the butterfly plate, and prolong the service life of the butterfly valve.
  2. The high-quality PTFE valve seat has good corrosion resistance and sealing performance, adapts to different media and working environments, and ensures safety and reliability.
  3. Simple structure, convenient manufacture, light weight, small fluid resistance, strong flow capacity and moderate torque.

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