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PN16 Gate Valve with Extended Stem Export to UK

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We just sent a batch of gate valves with 1.6m extension rod and handwheel to UK, this is the third time that a British valve customer has cooperated with us. In the first two orders, the customer has a small demand for valves and has many special requirements for colors, data sheets, etc. Therefore, many other valve suppliers find it troublesome and refuse to quote, or the quote time is too slow , Finally chose our gate valve. After many long-term cooperation, customers trusted us and began to order in large quantities. The total amount of the latest order exceeded 100,000 US dollars.

Gate Valve with Extended Stem
Gate Valve with Extended Stem
BodyDuctile iron
DiscDuctile iron + EPDM
Gate Valve with Extended Stem

The purpose of VALTECCN is to provide customers with satisfactory services, save customers’ purchase costs, and truly solve problems. We have many other advantages:

  1. We have our own foundry, so the delivery time is short.
  2. We have CE ISO WRAS certificates,the quality is guaranteed.
  3. We are a manufacturing & trading company, so the price is very competitive.
  4. We have a strong technical team, which can meet various technical needs of customers.
  5. We have a perfect after-sales service system, such as providing free accessories, remote technical support, etc.

Please contact us, we will send our price list to you.

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