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PN10/PN16 Concentric Butterfly Valves for sale to South Africa

101 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

VALTECCN supplies a batch of concentric butterfly valves to South Africa.

The customer works in a company that specializes in purchasing valves for customers, and recently purchased a batch of concentric butterfly valves for water, oil, gas and sea water from our company.

Concentric Butterfly Valves
Concentric Butterfly Valves
BodyDuctile Iron
DiscDuctile Iron / SS304 / SS316
StemSS410 / 304 / 316
PressurePN10 / PN16
OperationHandwheel / Lever / Gear

In terms of valve selection, our factory has been providing the end user with more and more services to choose, and has been committed to better promote the function of equipment in more fields through the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection.

We use a streamlined design, which has a relatively small loss of fluid resistance during material transfer, so it can even transport mortar in the actual transportation link, and achieve less liquid storage in the pipeline buckle, which can achieve a good sealing effect.

VALTECCN concentric butterfly valve suppliers and manufacturers always puts customer service first. From the time we receive our initial request for quotation, through to final commissioning and delivery, our professional team works hard to differentiate us from other valve companies.

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