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Pinless Wafer Butterfly Valves Export to European

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A batch of Pinless Wafer Butterfly Valves have been exported to European market recently, with the following specifications:

ProductPinless Wafer Butterfly Valve
BodyDuctile iron
DiscDuctile iron + SS316
OperationAluminum Lever Handle / Gear Operation

VALTECCN pinless Wafer Butterfly Valve has the Top Flange of ISO5211 standard, the valve body is heavy type, longer service life than lighter ones, high pressure, and the valve body is not easy to damage.

Pinless Wafer Butterfly Valves
Pinless Wafer Butterfly Valves

Valve seat is Dovetail Type Seat, good sealing performance, easy to change, suitable for all kinds of water systems, shipbuilding, petrochemical. We have aluminum lever and gear operation, corrosion resistant. The handle is curved and the surface is smooth and not easy to be hurt.

Our customer bought valves from us before, and after several years of using, it was found that it was leaking. The customer sent us photo and videos, and we provided remote guidance to the customer, it is found that after 3 years of using, the sealing performance of the seat is not as good as before,So the valve leaks.It is easy to solve. Customer buys a new seat, we will send it to him by express,after replacing the valve seat,valve will not leaks.

VALTECCN wafer buttterfly valve products and after-sales service are guaranteed,we have technical support team for providing services to solve your problem at minimum time.

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