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High Quality Wafer Butterfly Valve(DN50~DN600) Export to European

10 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

Hello everybody. Welcome to the news part of Valteccn company. In this week, we are going to introduce you our best selling product: 3000pcs per order- Wafer Butterfly Valve.

Duo to Wafer connection is universal type, Wafer butterfly valve can be used for different pressures: PN10, PN16, Class 150 etc.. So our customers sold very well with our competitive price and standard quality. Follow is our product detail information for your reference:

BodyDuctile iron
Wafer Butterfly Valve DN50~DN600
Wafer Butterfly Valve DN50~DN600
Wafer Butterfly Valve

Our this batch of butterfly valves are shipped to UK. The customer is very strict on quality. Before producing, our factory has made a strict and orderly production plan to require the workers pay carefully attention to the detail and client’s request during production. Also, production dept. done seriously quality control during the whole production from castings-processing-spraying paint- inspection- testing- assembling. And once the goods are assembled, our quality control dept. done strict pressure seal test and appearance inspection to ensure each valve product meet customers’ standard. Meanwhile, we took photos for every stage of the product and conveyed to customer with photography and video. With packing by Standard export carton and combine special requests of customer, this batch valve products is very satisfactory.

Wafer Butterfly Valve
Wafer Butterfly Valve

As supplier for some world famous valve brand, we believe that we can provide you high quality valves with competitive price. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if any inquiry.

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