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Flange Butterfly Valve with EPDM Seat Export to United Kingdom

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VALTECCN valve is exported to many countries, we have a British customer who once purchased a batch of Flange Butterfly Valves for their wastewater treatment plant, with the following specifications:

BodyDuctile iron
DiscDuctile iron
OperationHand wheel
Flange Butterfly Valve with EPDM Seat

Our products are suitable for use with bulk solids, liquids and slurries. They are robust in construction and available in a number of flange mounting types, materials and actuator options.

A letter from a British customer recently said that the butterfly valve handwheel they purchased before was not very flexible. After analysis by VALTECCN engineers: the packing was pressed too tightly or the valve stem nut was damaged, so we could loosen the nut on the packing pressure plate properly or disassemble to trim the thread and remove the contaminated impurities.

Flange Butterfly Valve with EPDM Seat

How important it is to choose a valve factory with reliable quality and perfect after-sale service, VALTECCN valve is trustworthy, feel free to contact us!

VALTECCN valve factory can make targeted production according to the specific use situation and the use demand and guarantee the after-sales service.

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