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EPDM Dovetail Type Seat Wafer Butterfly Valves for Export to Europe

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Recently, VALTECCN produced a batch of dovetail seat wafer type butterfly valves for export to customers in Europe, the parameters of the valve products are as follows.

  • Body: Ductile Iron
  • Disc: CF8M
  • Seat: EPDM
  • Connection: Wafer
  • Design Standard: EN 558 Series 20
  • Pressure Rating: PN16
  • Media: Drinking Water
  • Temperature: -10-110°C
  • Application: Drinking Water – Water Treatment – Wastewater & sewage systems.
EPDM Dovetail Type Seat Wafer Butterfly Valves for Export to Europe

Ordinary EPDM seat butterfly valves are affected by the media in the pipeline and the number of times they are opened and closed by friction during use, which ultimately leads to important causes of valve leakage and higher costs if you choose to replace the entire valve.

VALTECCN recommends customers to choose the dovetail seat, which can be replaced, extending the life of the wafer butterfly valve and saving customers costs.

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