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Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve Exported to Thailand

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Recently, Chinese VALTECCN check valve supplier exported a batch of ball check valves to Thailand.

Ball check valve is a type of check valve that adopts a multi ball, multi channel, and multi cone inverted fluid structure, mainly composed of front and rear valve bodies, rubber balls, conical bodies, etc.

The working principle is that the rubber ball rolls in a short stroke inside the ball cover to achieve the opening and closing of the valve. When the water pump starts, the water under pressure pushes the rubber ball open, causing it to roll to the right. The conical body in the rear valve body fixes its position, and the check valve opens; After the pump stopped, due to the return water pressure in the pipeline system, the rubber ball was forced to roll to the left front valve body, achieving the closure of the check valve. The rubber ball is made of hollow steel balls, with elastic rubber attached to it to ensure sealing and reduce damage to the pipeline system during valve closing. The conical body with holes plays a fixing role on the steel ball and eliminates the pressure on the contact area between the rubber ball and the conical body when the valve is opened, making it a surface contact and reducing the hydraulic loss caused by the vibration of the rubber ball in the valve body.

VALTECCN Ductile Iron Ball Check Valve

Body: GGG40
Ball: SS201/Steel+EPDM/NBR
Pressure: PN10/16/150LB
Suitable temperature ℃: ≤110℃/80℃
Applicable medium: Clean water, sewage, sea water.
Slowly-closing time: ≤60s

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