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Double Offset Butterfly Valves: 20’GP Shipment to Belgium

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A 20’GP container packed with our premium DI body double offset butterfly valves has just been shipped to Belgium. This is the fifth container our valued Belgian customer has received from us this year, reflecting their continued trust and satisfaction with our products.

Customer Profile

Our Belgian customers mainly sell concentric and double eccentric butterfly valves locally. They have always been satisfied with the reliability and quality of VALTECCN valve products. They purchase a large number of butterfly valves from the company for local irrigation and other industrial environment applications.

Product Details: Double Offset Butterfly Valves

Double Offset Butterfly Valves

This shipment includes our double offset butterfly valves, known for their robust construction and efficient performance. Below are the detailed specifications of the valves purchased:

Connection Type: Flange connection
Pressure Rating: PN25
Body Material: Ductile Iron (DI)
Disc Material: Ductile Iron (DI)
Seat Material: Stainless Steel 304 (SS304)
Sealing Material: EPDM
Stem Material: Stainless Steel 420 (SS420)
Design Standard: EN1092-2
Pressure: 16 bar
Media: Water
Temperature: ≤110°C
Applications: Irrigation, Industrial

Manufacturing Excellence

VALTECCN double offset butterfly valves are crafted with precision and coated with epoxy for enhanced durability and performance. We offer both Series 13 and Series 14 valves, catering to a variety of operational needs. Our mature production line ensures a swift delivery time of 15-20 days, meeting the urgent demands of our customers.


The continued patronage of our Belgian customer underscores the superior quality and dependability of our double offset butterfly valves. We remain committed to providing top-notch products that meet the highest standards of engineering and performance.

VALTECCN is a Butterfly Valve supplier and manufacturer. For more information and prices of Butterfly Valve, please contact us: [email protected].

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