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Ball Type Check Valves Exported to Europe for Water Treatment Applications

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This is an important client, after many video conferences, European customers confirmed to cooperate with us to purchase flanged ball check valves for water treatment projects. At present, these valves have been successfully shipped to Europe.

Ball Type Check Valves
Size range2 IN to 16 IN
Design standardAWWA C508
Flange connectionAWWA C508
Face to face designASME B16.10
Pressure rating10 bar
End connectionFlange type PN16
Body materialDuctile iron (GGG50)
Temperature0~80 deg C
ApplicationWater treatment project

VALTECCN check valve product advantages:

  1. The valve body casing is smooth and 250um epoxy costing.
  2. The ball is covered with EPDM and greatly reduce resistance and ensure sealing.
  3. The bolts and nut both use stainless steel of strong corrosion resistance.
  4. Each valve needs to be tested for casing and sealed double-layer pressure according to the standards before leaving the factory.

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