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Ball Check Valves are Exported to Italy

81 views Source: VALTEC China Valve Manufacture CO.,LTD

The check valve customer is from Italy, they are a very famous local check valve supplier. They mainly sell various ductile iron check valves, such as swing check valves, double-plate wafer check valves, ball check valves, etc.

2023 is the third year of cooperation with VALTECCN valve. Italy customers said that VALTECCN check valve is very popular in their market. VALTECCN VALVE has its own factory and foundry. Compared with other valve trading companies, it has an advantage in terms of price and cost. Secondly, VALTECCN valve product brand quality assurance also provides 12-month warranty. It is more reliable than many companies in terms of after-sales and service.

Left: Flanged Ball Check Valve, Right: Threaded Ball Check Valve
Left: Flanged Ball Check Valve, Right: Threaded Ball Check Valve

Here are the details of 1*20GP ball check valves they purchased this time :

  • Size: DN50~500
  • Flange ends/BSP F*F ends
  • Pressure: PN16(16 bar)
  • Body: DI, Epoxy coating 250um
  • Ball: Steel+EPDM
  • Design standard: DIN3206 F6
  • Media: Water
  • Temp: -10℃ to +110℃
  • Application: Industrial and domestic sewage

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